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The Keyhole Steel Brace System is only available from Gateway Arch & Fence.  This system alleviates 100% of the torching, plasma cutting, and welding typically done while building running H braces and corners.

Patent # US 10,808418 B2


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"The Keyhole brace system is by far the quickest and most universal bolt together brace system for pipe brace construction we’ve used. In the past when welding braces, I would figure on at least an hour per brace in labor, now with the Keyhole system we spend less than 20 minutes on a brace. The savings on labor alone pays the cost to purchase the brace kit. They work as good on steep angles as they do on flat ground which is a must for pasture fence. My customers like the finished product and also feel better not having to risk a welding fire during summer projects. We will be ordering more for sure! "

-  Caleb Cargill 

Cargill Fence Company, LLC

"We have used Gateway Arch and Fence's keyhole brace kits for over a year now.  They are a high quality product that saves us time and money.  We no longer have to  drag a welder into the field, train an employee to weld, or worry about fire danger.  The brace kits are fast and easy to install.   Now that we've been introduced to these brace kits we will never weld another brace again."  

Calvin Johnson 

Johnson Custom Fencing, Inc.

Building fence since 1999


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